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I’ve just uploaded a new vinyl mix of ’96-’99 Drum & Bass to Youtube – some classic bits, some lesser known stuff – squelches, techiness, amens, weirdness, ruffness, darkness, funkiness, all kinds of ‘ness including a bit of occasional looseness on the mixing front…

You can check it out here:

My laptop (recording the sound) crashed half way through, so it’s IPhone-mic sound quality unfortunately – sounds a bit like it was recorded in a washing machine – but on the positive side, some might enjoy the sea-sick recording angle, and scenes of me moving my hands a little bit whilst doing a hobble-y jig, only half explained by the fact that I had a bad left foot.

I love mixing, huge fun – started learning sometime around 2007 on some cheap belt-driven decks that my mate gave me (cheers Cockers), then upgraded to Technics a little later (from another mate, cheers Gavin). Finally got a CDJ1000 last year (cheers for not ripping me off random person on eBay), which I also love. In terms of the lure of mixing, there was huge inspiration from Andy C (Nightlife 1), Friction (Bingo Sessions) and a couple of DJs who went under the name of Jonny 290 and Truss (One Big Crunch / Celebrity Death Match) – the latter were some of the first mixes I ever found / downloaded on the internet, listened to loads and enjoyed massively.

Hope you enjoy the mix Cheers Matt

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