New Kyam Album / Playing Out / Logical Direction Recordings Release

Lots more positive d&b-related happenings recently.

I had another chance to see London Elektricity at Aperture Cardiff in November – master mixing and selection in a 3 hour set – still one of my favourite DJs.

London Elektricity at Cardiff Aperture

A couple of weeks later, Breakage brought his dub influenced sounds to Buffalo (also Aperture), whilst Rockwell did his genre-bending thing.

Rockwell at Cardiff Aperture

Both hugely enjoyable sets, and I was also lucky enough to support them – haven’t played out in a fair while, but it was a pleasure.

Kyam at Cardiff Aperture

That also marked my first non-100% vinyl set playing out – nothing to do with format snobbery etc so I’m not about to have a vinyl vs digital rant here, each to their own I simply started on vinyl decks, loved them, and didn’t have an opportunity to try CDJs – but I decided to make the switch to include them last year after I had to turn a gig down because a night didn’t have vinyl decks… I saved up for a 2nd hand CDJ1000 and was surprised at how intuitive and fun it was to use in vinyl mode, and so it’s been a perfect addition to my set up since. It also meant I could test out some of my own tunes on the huge rig during my Aperture set.

Also, very happy to announce my 3rd release – my tune “Low Talk” is out later this month on DJ Fox’s Logical Direction Recordings imprint – very proud to be in such good company, heavy weight label.

Beatz Vol 5 Logical Direction Recordings

Finally, I decided to expand my self-release EP into a 10 track album – I’ve finished the last three tracks, and they’ve been send off for mastering, so it should see the light of day early next year!

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