Danger Chamber Release / Renegade Hardware @ The Coronet / Tune Support

Danger Chamber's Redemption LP

Very happy to be in the company of such heavyweights on my newest release – my remix of Skru’s mighty Elder Jedi is featured amongst the likes of Stranjah, Dub One and Spirit on Danger Chamber’s Redemption LP. Full of the good stuff – you can check it out here: https://1dangerchamberdigital.bandcamp.com/album/redemption-lp Just about recovered after an immense night at The Coronet in London for Renegade Hardware’s The Final Chapter last Friday. Saw a tonne of great sets throughout the night – lineup was insane, and there were friendly vibes throughout. Caught the Rupture crew, Skitty, Ruffhouse, Loxy and Ink, Flight, Djinn and Antagonist, Stretch, Gremlinz and many more – couldn’t have asked for a better night. 8am bus back to Cardiff was a strain after being up for 24 hours straight but well worth the journey!

Renegade Hardware The Final Chapter

Also, just wanted to say a big thanks for the continued support on my Kyam tunes – recently heard them popping up in mixes by Skitty, Medika and Mizeyesis! Check out the most recent – by Medika – here

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