Kyam – Intervention EP (Foundation X)

Kyam Intervention EP - Foundation X

Extremely happy to announce my latest release – the Intervention EP on Foundation X! Massive fan of the label as well as Skitty’s own stuff, having rinsed loads of wax from both over the years. My copies of Dublin / Put Down Ya Gunz, and Apocalypse (Renegade Hardware) are particularly well worn and I’m a huge fan of the new FDX output too (Djinn / Digital etc). As well as the obvious jungle / break connection, I’m a huge dub fan (got into it around 2001 when I bought my first King Tubby album, and I’ve since been lucky enough to see Yellow Man, Dillinger and Lee Scratch Perry live) and Foundation X’s clear love for the genre has always appealed to me.

The EP features 4 tracks – enjoyed digging into my (non d&B) vinyl collection to sample some sounds / drums for parts of it, and I also got the Juno out for some string sounds etc.

It was nice to have the chance to show-case a range of vibes / influences on the EP and it’s always interesting to hear someone else’s take on your tunes – the press release describes them as:

JUN – Militant and futuristic, Jun builds up a soundscape with echoed synths and a relentless angry break, all underpinned with a warm sub bassline, guaranteed to make you nod your head and tap your feet

INTERVENTION – This stepper brings more dub influence, with delayed horns and vocals building the atmosphere nicely. Once the descending bassline and an amen join the mix it’s full steam ahead dancefloor business, watch out for the 2nd drop!

IXNAY – Slightly reminiscent of millenium tech step flavours. Distorted 808 bass, the intricate hectic drumwork and eerie simultaneously retro and futuristic sounding synths will keep your feet moving and your ears entertained to the very end.

LAPDOG – Relaxed musical chords set the vibe nicely and they fit perfectly with more of Kyam’s uniquely interesting rhythmical patterns. More head music for the masses.

You can check the EP out here, along with the other Foundation X releases:

There’s also another Kyam Foundation X release forthcoming in the future!

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