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Kyam - Refragment

To say thanks for all the support I've been receiving in recent times, I've recently uploaded a ten-track album of unreleased music, which you can download for free via Bandcamp at:

I wanted to showcase a fair range of my influences, so there’s a variety of stuff on there, all around the 170bpm mark – breakbeats / dub / abstract etc. The tracks were all written within the last couple of years, and I had fun experimenting with different approaches for each track. Tracklisting and notes: 01. Give & Take Nod to the past - breakbeats, bass, film samples. Had the pleasure of hearing this played out in a club when DJ Fox included it in his Beatz night set in London last year. 02. Puy Paronoid droning lurcher. Had some great feedback from Ruffhouse on it, who I'm a massive fan of. 03. Arp Dark stepper. Features mangled samples taken from a guitar / vocal demo by Jemma Roper (singer of the band I play bass in), and plenty of Korg Monotron (tiny, extremely fun hardware synth). 04. Rough Patch Back to the breakbeats - lots of edits and Novation V Station, which has been my main soft synth for years. 05. Distance Experimental thing. Takes cues from some of the stuff I've written in previous bands / musical projects. contorted film samples, and recordings of sounds from my kitchen. 06. Come To Bittersweet thing inspired by 70s / 80s nostalgia. Sounds from my brother's gorgeous Juno 6, self-recorded percussion, as well as a bit of guitar from myself. 07. Head Down Breakbeats, dubby bass, and spring / summer vibes - supported by Flight on a podcast. 08. Either Or Laid back dub influenced tune, with some piano thrown in. More self-recorded percussion, received kind words from Blu Mar Ten. 09. AM After Wrote the bare bones of this on a day off work (pre-booked :), suffering with a horrendous hangover. Off kilter drums, unsettled head and vibes. 10. Tick Amen track to finish. Rework of one of the oldest tunes of this batch. Inspired by the support and encouragement of the mighty Rupture. Big thanks for the highly talented Jannue Hatula (Fanu) for the mastering, and Stina Strangis for the artwork.

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