Subtle Audio and Future Thinkin Releases

Extremely happy to announce I've got two releases out this month, on labels I've been a big fan of for a long time, so I'm very stoked to be on board both.

Marking my first physical release, "NOLA" features on Subtle Audio's "A Decade in Breakbeat" CD compilation. The track's main break came from a (low-fi :) recording I made of a jazz drummer playing live in New Orleans last year (one of the most incredible, inspiring cities I've ever visited). I re-sequenced and edited the break back home, adding some dark / paranoid vibes. The album is full of gems by the likes of Dub One, Nebula, Mecca and more, and is available on Subtle Audio's website at:

Next up, is "House Rules" on Future Thinkin's "Deep Shift EP". Something a bit different for me, this one's more of a deep roller. I'm a big fan of what Future Thinkin have put out over the years, and have been keeping them up to date with tunes pretty much since I started producing, so I've very happy to join their ranks.

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