Subtle Audio and Future Thinkin Releases

Extremely happy to announce I've got two releases out this month, on labels I've been a big fan of for a long time, so I'm very stoked to be on board both.

Subtle Audio - A Decade in Breakbeat

Marking my first physical release, "NOLA" features on Subtle Audio's "A Decade in Breakbeat" CD compilation. The track's main break came from a (low-fi :) recording I made of a jazz drummer playing live in New Orleans last year (one of the most incredible, inspiring cities I've ever visited). I re-sequenced and edited the break back home, adding some dark / paranoid vibes. The album is full of gems by the likes of Dub One, Nebula, Mecca and more, and is available on Subtle Audio's website at:

Future Thinkin - Deep Shift EP

Next up, is "House Rules" on Future Thinkin's "Deep Shift EP". Something a bit different for me, this one's more of a deep roller. I'm a big fan of what Future Thinkin have put out over the years, and have been keeping them up to date with tunes pretty much since I started producing, so I've very happy to join their ranks.

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