Danger Chamber release / Aphrodite support slot / Different Vibe sets

Resistence LP - Danger Chamber Digital - Kyam

My newest release is out now on Danger Chamber Digital - Coming Through is featured on the "Resistence" LP, released 5th March 2017. Heavyweight album - great tunes on there by the likes of Zebedee, Skru, Funkspasm and label head honcho Y2 - check it out on bandcamp at: https://1dangerchamberdigital.bandcamp.com/album/resistance-lp

Concept Cardiff

I've also been lucky enough to play some hugely enjoyable DJ sets recently. Massive thanks to Concept Cardiff for getting me on a sold-out bill with Aphrodite. The venue (The Vaults - Cardiff) is truly special - an abondoned bank vault, murderous rig, right type of grimey, vibes all night. Had huge fun doing a b2b set with Kalo. Some footage up here https://www.facebook.com/JimpyDj/videos/10158365924150525/

In addition, I've had a couple of sets at Karma / Undertone (Cardiff) courtesy of Kalo / The Different Vibe, big up to all those involved - got huge respect for what they're doing.

Kalo at the Different Vibe, Undertone, Cardiff, Jan 2017.

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