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Renegade Hardware Kyam

Can’t quite believe I’m saying this, but I’m beyond-honoured to announce that I’ve got Kyam music forthcoming on the legendary Renegade Hardware, as part of The Final Chapter LP. The label has had an immeasurable influence on me over the years, and since I started experimenting with d&b production way back in 2005, a release on Hardware has always been a dream of mine. From introducing me to some of my all-time favourite music / artists, to learning to mix with their 12”s, to catching their nights at The End / Coronet, the label has always been a huge source of inspiration. I’ve just heard the Horsementality part of the LP, and it’s an absolute monster – a fitting swan-song to their legacy. Massive thanks to Clayton Hines, Giles Mensah and everyone involved for making me a part of it, as well as all the labels / DJs / people who’ve been supporting me, inspiring me to keep pushing myself.

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